Fabuliss Introduces Diane Keyes & Her Memorable Style

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Diane profile & full-length photos

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I met Diane through a women-in-business Meet Up networking group and instantly fell in love with her because of what she was wearing.

What?  Did I just say that?

It’s true!  Her outfits are always fun, exciting and she’s always wearing a smile.

As a fellow entrepreneur (and author of two great books), she graciously allowed me to photograph her and use video of her for your viewing pleasure.


A few great quotes from Diane’s interview prep notes:

…Oprah has had the most influence on me. Her entire message, whether speaking about fashion or anything else, is to be true to yourself. Why should I be an imitation of someone else when I’m here to become my own best self?

I’d really like people to know that it takes less money and time to put together a coordinated wardrobe than to buy pieces that don’t work together…if you’re not a planner, the best investment you can make in yourself and your wardrobe is to hire Sasha.

Lastly, it’s incredibly charming that her two favorite scarves are from Ireland and Paris.

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  1. I love this post. It is even more fun when you know both participants!

  2. Interesting twist of an idea: looking at the decor of your house for style inspiration. I’ve never thought of that before! That gets my wheels turning.

  3. Mary – thanks for the note!

    Tea Hon – yes, I love her idea/suggestion. And I am definitely going to pay more attention to scarves.

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