Fit & Style Analysis and Closet Review for Men

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Joel Carlson, a social media marketing professional, continues learning about the technical details for his style makeover.  Now that he knows his best colors, he is ready to learn about the best styles for his body type and begin applying that to what he already owns.

When it comes to men and style, knowing the right types of styles from straight-front to pleated pants and long jackets or short jackets, can make a huge difference in terms of height, weight and body balance.

And when it comes to color, a set of swatches ensures that you are the star of the show and not your clothes.

For our third, and final installment of this makeover series for men, Fabuliss will go shopping with Joel.  Stay tuned!

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Working with an image consultant gives you tools and information to make decisions more efficiently and effectively and ensures that your image is a proactive part of your communications.

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