Fabuliss Helps Marcie Transform from “I Give Up” to “I Feel Confident”

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Meet Marcie

Marcie is a busy mother of two and wife to an executive and was ready to shed the feeling of “I give up” every time she gets dressed.

We spent a couple of hours looking through every item in Marcie’s closet and identified the best of the best, the things that had to find a new home and what was missing.

And then we went shopping!

Marcie Before & After

Marcie was ready for an overhaul.  The bulk of what we found was at Banana Republic including the capris and sweater pictured above.  We also found a couple of items at Ann Taylor and Talbots.

A haircut, makeup and a pair of shoes that were hiding in her closet came together for a cute look perfect for her dinner club, weekends with girlfriends and date night with her husband.

Marcie's Refreshed Style

I love my new clothes! I’m washing [them] so I can wear them ASAP!



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