“If you buy one dress for summer…”

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J.Crew "If you buy one dress for summer..."Oh the promise in this subject line.  Who doesn’t want to simplify?  So I clicked.  And then I had a few thoughts which became opinions, which are now ready to share with you.

Introducing my (unpaid, unsolicited, un-everything) review of J.Crew’s Rumi, with their headline “Remarkable Rumi.”

Overall Review

As with many things, there are pros and cons and this dress is no different.

In general, I agree this is a great dress for summer with the caveat that I’d reserve it for non-work outings due to the relaxed nature of the dress.

But how will it look like on your body type?

Dress-to-Body-Type Comparison

Based on the above notes, Fabuliss recommends the Rumi dress for the triangle shape due to the elements of the dress that balance the shape.

The hourglass and rectangle shapes can wear the dress but the inverted triangle should steer clear.

And please be careful about where the tie waist hits – it should hit where the waist curves, which is not right above your hips.

Nitpicky Details

There are a few details that drive me a little crazy about this dress.  They make me wonder whether these elements are a result of cost cutting, thin fit models and/or fashion.  Regardless, they make the dress less desirable for the average woman.

  • A profile with no curves can add weight.
  • A little detail that cuts our height down means we’ll earn less money (see Google search results for a list of articles confirming this).
  • And who wants to look wider from the back?

Stay tuned for the next post, which will show some outfit ideas that take this dress to the next level.

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  1. Ok, I love that dress. Seems like a good weekend wear … to go to the farmers market, etc. Wouldn’t wear it to a business meeting but seems cool and comfy for the weekend without being overly casual. Like the body analysis!

    • Thanks Beth. Yes, right on for farmer’s market! I am going to show some examples of outfits next week – would love to hear what you think :)


  2. One thing I like about this dress is that it has sleeves. So many of the dresses I find are sleeveless, and since I don’t like to go sleeveless I have to find a matching jacket or sweater.

    Otherwise, I’m not a big fan of this dress. I think for a body that is a bit lumpy (i.e. mine), dresses that are really casual and lightweight don’t drape very well. I haven’t tried on a dress like this in a while, but my guess is that I would feel kind of dumpy in it. Not exactly the feeling I’m going for!

    • You’re right, Avonelle. Lightweight and unstructured clothes are sometimes not as flattering. Stay tuned for the things you can pair it with next week though – you may be happily surprised!


  3. Great coincidence I had a sewing pattern in hand yesterday for a dress like this. (I decided to put it back.) I think the version I saw had a collar – which in my novice opinion – made it a little more dressy and work-worthy. (Especially of it were made of an more traditional oxford cloth (think crisp, “preppy” button down collar shirt fabric.) I think the thing that threw me off a little bit was the length. Somehow it looks a little short to me. Maybe it’s an optical illusion? Would love the hear your thoughts.

    • Hi Emily. The collar and more structured would make the dress more professional. And length would be better at the knee for work.

      That said, I would recommend a shirtdress for your body type which is inverted. Very simple shirt with an a-line on the bottom.

      Thanks for stopping by!


  4. What a coincidence. I bought this dress online a couple of weeks ago and just returned it to the store today. I loved everything about it: the color, the fabric, the drape–but it was way, way too short. On the model it appears to hit a little above the knee, but in real life it barely hit mid-thigh. Very disappointing.

    I will say that, had it been a little longer, it would have been the perfect summer dress. And I think it could be dressed up or down depending on how you accessorize it.

    • Wow – thanks for the update about the dress length. Buyers beware…the shorter the hem, the less work appropriate the dress/skirt.

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