{ FAQs }



What advice do you have for executives?
It’s a competitive world and you need to bring your A game every day.

What advice do you have for someone on a budget?
Invest in a few quality pieces that fit and flatter. Quality goes a long way.

How do I know what looks good on me?
We do not see ourselves the way others see us. Try taking pictures of yourself in outfits and look at them objectively. Do you seem in proportion? Are the patterns and colors complimenting your shape and color? Will you stand out in a good way?



How are you different from store employees?
Store employees know what products and sizes they have, may know of upcoming sales and work on commission.

Fabuliss has seen your closet, understands what you need and do not need, selects items best for your body type and color and provides one-on-one attention during appointments. Fabuliss does not receive any commissions or incentives from stores or store employees.

Where do you take clients shopping?
I go where my clients prefer to go. I have favorites and recommendations but I do not have commission arrangements or contracts with any stores.

How do I make an appointment?
Call or text me at 612-554-4629, email me at hello@fabuliss.com or DM @Fabuliss via Twitter.

What forms of payment do you accept?
Visa. Mastercard. Discover. PayPal. Cash. Check.



How did you get started being an image consultant?
Long story short, I could have used someone like me about 10 years ago. I have always loved to shop but have not always loved dressing my body. Now that I know how to dress for my shape and am more informed about color, I want to help others accelerate to their successful futures.

How long has Fabuliss been around?
I launched the company in February 2010.

What did you do before Fabuliss?
My professional career has been focused on technology-based advertising and marketing. I moved from front-end Web production to building Web production team working for companies including Fallon and Larsen Design. As a project and strategy manager, I worked at Target.com. My last position was as a Vice President at Wolfmotell (now Modern Climate), building client relationships as well as helping the company grow operationally.