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CBS Local Blog Series: Local Jewelry Artists & Shops

Posted by on May 19, 2011 in : : Fabuliss Style Blog : :, Accessories, More Style Ideas, Women's Style | 0 comments

It was serious fun researching the latest blog series around local jewelry artists and where to find them. And I especially appreciate when people share ideas and additions on the posts so a big thanks to everyone who does! See the posts…discover someone new or add someone you know: Best Local Modern Jewelry Artists Best Local Reclaimed Materials Jewelry Artists Best Local Investment Jewelry Artists Best Places to Shop for Local Jewelry { Fabuliss helps you earn confidence and...

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Pants + Boots for Fall/Winter…from Work to Weekend

Posted by on Oct 12, 2010 in Accessories, Fall/Winter, Women's Style | 0 comments

    One of the exciting changes of season in the Midwest is that we get to change up our footwear.  It’s getting time to put the open-toed shoes away and bring on the boots. Whether you are shopping online or shopping your closet, there are boots that belong at work and boots that are fine for the weekend. In general…. …the flatter the heel, the more casual the boot. …with untucked pants the most visible part of your boot will be the toe and the heel.  Shop...

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Legwear for Fall/Winter – Do This, Not That

Posted by on Oct 6, 2010 in Accessories, Fall/Winter, Women's Style | 8 comments

Faithful reader Emily asked the following: With cooler weather here (or so it seems) – what’s your expert opinion on tights? Bare legs just seem so wrong (or brave) as the temperature drops. Inquiring minds want to know. . . Well, my expert opinion is to go with what your body needs.  There is nothing stylish about frostbite on the legs! In general, if legwear is not nude, it should match either your shoe or whatever color dominates the skirted section of your outfit for...

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Boots for Fall/Winter – Do This, Not That

Posted by on Oct 4, 2010 in Accessories, Fall/Winter, Women's Style | 0 comments

Reader Emily asked about what the latest boot trends are.  I say forget about the trends and focus on what works for you. Your first priority with your choices of boots should be to elongate, balance and slim your figure. Secondly, your feet should be comfortable.  And lastly, don’t let a trend wear you.  It’s exhausting to look at. I know the over-the-knee boot is being pumped into e-tailers, magazines and blogs.  But honestly, it’s only going to work on a tall woman with...

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These Wide-Calf Boots Were Made for Wearing

Posted by on Aug 10, 2010 in Accessories, Fall/Winter, Women's Style | 6 comments

I have always wanted a pair of knee-high boots.  But my very curvy calves have never found a good match. I’ve tried to squeeze my calves into so many boots but most of the time, the zipper stops after my ankle. With more and more inventory available online, I’ve lusted after wide-calf boots year after year.  But I still didn’t see THE PAIR. This year, the stars aligned. Options Galore The search started early to ensure the best selection.  I looked online at Zappos, Endless and major...

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Fabuliss Helps Brooke Accessorize for Girls’ Night…a.k.a. a Bachelorette Party

Posted by on Jul 30, 2010 in Accessories, Women's Style, { Fabuliss Clients } | 1 comment

Brooke won one of my July consultations and opted for advice styling an outfit for an upcoming bachelorette party (not to be confused with a party to watch The Bachelorette!). Because I haven’t met Brooke in person, I pulled several looks together to inspire ideas for shopping based on the Express dress she bought. She had mentioned possibly purchasing red heels to go with this dress, so these looks are based on the assumption she’s not too shy. 1. Vintage The ruffles on this skirt...

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