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From Catalog to Reality…”Not for Me” to “I Love It”

Posted by on Aug 11, 2013 in : : Fabuliss Style Blog : :, Fall/Winter, Seasonal Style, Spring/Summer, Women's Style | 0 comments

This blog post is based on one of the most basic things I do for clients: helping them see clothes and themselves through a different lens.  In this case, someone helped me see something I wasn’t planning to make time for. Not For Me When I first saw the Ventura dress by Etcetera in the catalog and online, I categorized it as “not for me.”  I had no intention of giving it a second look or trying it on. Why?  Because it doesn’t look like it has any shape on the...

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The Holistic Closet: Full of Fit, Flatter & Flow

Posted by on Aug 26, 2011 in : : Fabuliss Style Blog : :, Fall/Winter, Women's Style | 0 comments

What do you see when you look into your closet?  Is it a mish-mash of styles, colors and random pieces?  If your answer is yes, consider this: A closet that is full of clothes that fit, flatter and flow together will make it easier and more fun to get dressed. Every day. The holistic closet in any season (fall/winter or summer/spring) includes the following: A simplified, yet striking color palette. Investment pieces that will last more than one season. Classic mixed with contemporary...

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Holiday Outfits Part 2 of 3: Work Day to Work Party

Posted by on Dec 1, 2010 in Fall/Winter, Holiday, Men's Style, Women's Petite Sizes, Women's Plus Sizes, Women's Style | 2 comments

There’s Smart Casual and now we declare Smart Holiday – the outfit that can transition from work to party as is or with a simple change.  If your work party is a casual affair, remember that professionalism rules. AVOID FORGETTABLE AND TOO MEMORABLE If you want to stand out, the standard fare won’t do, nor will going overboard at work to look more festive for the party.  Consider the following: Boring. So you forgot about the party when you were getting dressed.  Make time...

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Holiday Outfits Part 1 of 3: Semi-Formal

Posted by on Nov 30, 2010 in Fall/Winter, Holiday, Men's Style, Women's Petite Sizes, Women's Plus Sizes, Women's Style | 0 comments

There are numerous ways to make a memorable entrance at a semi-formal holiday party. This could include a work-related event at an elegant venue like a library, art museum or sit-down dinner or attending a fundraiser gala or ball. AVOID “TOO MUCH” Instead of solely relying on a dashing date, which we’re certainly not opposed to, try avoiding these common mistakes. Too sexy. In general, a little sexy is great but too much skin in tight fabric is too much.  If you are still...

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Hello, Fabuliss…What is Cynthia Johnson Wearing?

Posted by on Nov 29, 2010 in Fabuliss...What Are You Wearing?, Fall/Winter, Women's Style | 0 comments

I met Cynthia Johnson at a recent networking event through WIN (Women in Networking). She gave a personal testimonial during the event and caught my attention for two reasons: 1) she is a raw food chef and owner of Living Soul Cuisine that I need to introduce to a friend of mine and 2) she looked smashing. In her video, Cynthia Johnson tells us how she chose what to wear for a busy day.  With her outfit she can quickly adapt from networking to teaching a class to being a musician. { Fabuliss...

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Fabuliss Helps Avonelle with Remote Styling for Winter Boots

Posted by on Nov 24, 2010 in Fall/Winter, Women's Style, { Fabuliss Clients } | 0 comments

If you co-exist with snow for the winter like Fabuliss client Avonelle, having a great pair of boots that can transition from outdoors to indoors is essential. She recently contacted me for help narrowing down to a few choices. Here’s what happened: We Skyped for about 15 minutes so she could tell me what she was looking for in terms of price range, style, heel height, color and functionality. I shopped online (Nordstrom & Endless.com) and narrowed my selections down to 10. The...

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