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Client Susan’s Elegant Wedding Guest Look

Posted by on Mar 13, 2014 in Weddings, Women's Style | 0 comments

Client Susan needed an outfit for a formal wedding being hosted in Mexico. Fabuliss pre-shopped and discovered KOKOON’s Elegant Falls dress, a chic, wearable and flattering dress that would be appropriate for a variety of events. The Elegant Falls dress proved to be the perfect style but we needed a slightly different fit. Susan’s final look includes a beautiful Classiques Entier sweater that has a chevron pattern and gorgeous sheen as well as sandals that Susan couldn’t...

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Fan Request: Engagement Photo Outfit Ideas

Posted by on Jun 17, 2010 in Weddings, Women's Style | 0 comments

Twitter follower @missbridetobe is, as you can tell by her handle, getting married! She is blogging her way through wedding planning and is currently preparing for her engagement photos. She and her fiance have selected their photographer and plan to pose on the U of M campus, where the couple met. What to wear? Here are a few pieces of advice, based on engagement photos found online. My first recommendation is to make sure you choose clothes that reflect who you are. Are you preppy? Are...

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